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Unemployment Rate

Stay informed about the United States Unemployment Rate, Unemployment Levels, and Unemployment Insurance Claims with our comprehensive insights. Explore both current data and historical trends to gain a deep understanding of the nation's labor market dynamics and economic shifts.

May 2024


Current Unemployment Rate

6.649 Million

Unemployment Level

1.789 Million

Unemployment Claims

DateUnemployment RateUnemployment LevelUnemployment Claims
May 20244.0%6.649 M1.789 M
April 20243.9%6.492 M1.78 M
March 20243.8%6.429 M1.801 M
February 20243.9%6.458 M1.797 M
January 20243.7%6.124 M1.783 M
December 20233.7%6.268 M1.802 M
November 20233.7%6.262 M1.808 M
October 20233.8%6.443 M1.814 M
September 20233.8%6.347 M1.797 M
August 20233.8%6.34 M1.805 M
July 20233.5%5.904 M1.774 M
June 20233.6%5.997 M1.754 M
May 20233.7%6.117 M1.715 M
April 20233.4%5.715 M1.713 M
March 20233.5%5.866 M1.687 M
February 20233.6%5.962 M1.649 M
January 20233.4%5.719 M1.609 M
December 20223.5%5.698 M1.571 M
November 20223.6%5.956 M1.463 M
October 20223.6%5.95 M1.415 M
September 20223.5%5.755 M1.394 M
August 20223.6%5.983 M1.416 M
July 20223.5%5.783 M1.39 M
June 20223.6%5.984 M1.36 M
May 20223.6%5.966 M1.359 M
April 20223.7%6.034 M1.429 M
March 20223.6%5.993 M1.547 M
February 20223.8%6.279 M1.637 M
January 20224.0%6.549 M1.709 M
December 20213.9%6.305 M1.723 M
November 20214.1%6.733 M1.928 M
October 20214.5%7.244 M2.363 M
September 20214.7%7.659 M2.718 M
August 20215.1%8.288 M2.78 M
July 20215.4%8.77 M3.001 M
June 20215.9%9.547 M3.296 M
May 20215.8%9.25 M3.622 M
April 20216.1%9.801 M3.788 M
March 20216.1%9.734 M3.975 M
February 20216.2%9.992 M4.432 M
January 20216.4%10.196 M4.945 M
December 20206.7%10.772 M5.385 M
November 20206.7%10.713 M5.948 M
October 20206.8%11.012 M7.871 M
September 20207.8%12.573 M11.824 M
August 20208.4%13.498 M14.013 M
July 202010.2%16.391 M16.563 M
June 202011.0%17.658 M17.679 M
May 202013.2%20.933 M20.326 M
April 202014.8%23.09 M17.032 M
March 20204.4%7.209 M3.714 M
February 20203.5%5.729 M1.777 M
January 20203.6%5.842 M1.807 M
December 20193.6%5.853 M1.77 M
November 20193.6%5.868 M1.685 M
October 20193.6%5.871 M1.619 M
September 20193.5%5.753 M1.581 M
August 20193.6%5.945 M1.62 M
July 20193.7%6.061 M1.631 M
June 20193.6%5.935 M1.631 M
May 20193.6%5.93 M1.628 M
April 20193.7%5.961 M1.667 M
March 20193.8%6.202 M1.78 M
February 20193.8%6.136 M1.802 M
January 20194.0%6.475 M1.78 M
December 20183.9%6.389 M1.75 M
November 20183.8%6.115 M1.685 M
October 20183.8%6.211 M1.593 M
September 20183.7%6.073 M1.551 M
August 20183.8%6.156 M1.614 M
July 20183.8%6.195 M1.654 M
June 20184.0%6.447 M1.679 M
May 20183.8%6.196 M1.756 M
April 20184.0%6.459 M1.878 M
March 20184.0%6.472 M1.945 M
February 20184.1%6.581 M1.974 M
January 20184.0%6.489 M1.98 M
December 20174.1%6.632 M1.971 M

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