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Future Value Calculator

Explore the growth of your investments with our Future Value Calculator. Just input your starting amount, interest rate, compounding periods, and periodic deposits to forecast your financial future.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Future Value Calculator?

The Future Value Calculator is a tool that predicts the value of an investment over time. By entering your starting amount, interest rate, compounding periods, and periodic deposits, you can see how your money will grow, reflecting either end-of-period or beginning-of-period deposits.

How does the deposit type affect the calculation?

The deposit type can be either at the end or beginning of each compound period. Choosing 'end' means the deposits are added after interest is compounded for that period, while choosing 'beginning' adds the deposits before interest is compounded. This choice can make a significant difference in the calculated future value.

Can I use the Future Value Calculator for different investment types?

Yes, the Future Value Calculator is versatile and can be used to calculate the future value for various investment types, such as savings accounts, bonds, stocks, or mutual funds. As long as you know the starting amount, interest or yield rate, compounding periods, and any periodic deposits or annuity payments, the calculator can provide an accurate forecast.